DQI Facilitation

Design Quality Indicator (DQI) Workshops
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The Design Quality Indicator (DQI) process evaluates and improves the design quality of existing and new buildings

A facilitator trained in The Design Quality Indicator process leads workshops between clients, building-users, and design/construction professionals, centred around their experience of the building. The workshops enable every aspect of a building’s design quality to be assessed from a wide perspective at each stage of the construction process.

This structured gathering of feedback, with formal report, provides invaluable insights into the issues, strengths and opportunities within the building, and allows better design decisions to be made where necessary, leading to a better experience of the building for all.

We have facilitated a number of these workshops for various clients. This service, as well as providing tremendous benefit to users, has also given us additional insights and tools with which to approach our own designs and clients.


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